BBlaw firm supports businesses and individuals throughout Rockland County and New York State. We are the best commercial litigation firm in Rockland County and our record shows it.

Our clients are entrepreneurs, investors, partnerships, and small to midsize companies and corporations. We appreciate how hard business owners work to make ideas successful, and we are proud to provide the passionate and effective legal services they deserve.

With the modernity of old advocacy, The Law Offices of BBlaw is honoured to help budding businesses grow, and established enterprises flourish.

We provide knowledgeable legal guidance and zealous representation when the need arises. If your company needs a dedicated and experienced law firm, contact The Law Offices of BBlaw for a consultation.

We will continue to fiercely argue for our client’s rights and needs in and out of court. Although competitive, the Partner’s lengthy relationship tremendously benefits our clients.

We attempt to prioritize our clients’ interests by continually questioning each other’s points of view.

Our Objectives

Our objective is to serve our clients with expert legal assistance quickly and effectively. As if we were representing ourselves, we endeavour to handle each case with accountability and attention.

At BBLaw, we concentrate on the legal elements of our customers’ businesses so that they may concentrate on their success. Our principles are reflected in our vision: honesty, service, excellence, and teamwork.

Our Expertise

We earned the name of the best commercial litigation firm in Rockland county for a reason.

Litigation in Business

We handle everything from commercial disputes among partners to multi-million dollar business torts in courts across New York and New Jersey.

We will be able to correctly examine your situation to achieve your goal because of our knowledge and experience managing matters at all phases of a dispute.

Despite our tiny size, we have never shied away from a challenge and will fight for your rights in and out of court. We attempt to safeguard your interests with carefully crafted, personalized methods while keeping your objectives in mind.

Collections commercial

We have devised a tenacious and cost-effective commercial debt collecting strategy. This strategy entails safeguarding your rights as a secured creditor and exercising your rights under all applicable laws, including the Uniform Commercial Code.

Every attorney in our company has extensive expertise collecting a wide range of commercial debts and is well-versed in the numerous legal methods for enforcing your rights. Berkovitch & Bouskila’s attorneys adapt their strategy to assist business clients in maximizing their financial recovery prospects.

Every customer is distinct, with various goals and concerns.

Secure transactions

We counsel secured creditors on the formation, perfection, and maintenance of their security interests (as well as the priority of such security interests) in all types of collateral, including equipment, inventory, accounts receivable, investment property, instruments, intangible property, and fixtures.

We also advise clients on events unique to secured transactions that affect the continued perfection or priority of their security interests, such as changes in the debtor’s name or location, assignments and transfers of collateral, maintaining purchase money liens over after-acquired property interests, and a variety of other issues.


We advise our corporate customers on essential company and compliance concerns that affect their operations regularly.

We assist firms in minimizing operational and regulatory risks and providing ongoing, up-to-date guidance in this ever-changing field.

We assist our customers in navigating the maze of laws and best practice codes applicable to their day-to-day operations.

We can advise on how to enter other industries in a way that is compatible with all relevant regulations.

Transactions In Alternative Finance

We manage complicated transactions regularly and provide efficient, cost-effective insight into the terms and structures our customers may and should seek for their financial transactions.

We are well-versed in alternative business financial operations, such as Merchant Cash Advance, Factoring, Hard Money Loans, Lines of Credit, and other receivable and asset-based financing.

Our clients include industry leaders and pioneers, and we assist them in determining the optimal type of transaction depending on the parties’ needs.

Final words: 

You can schedule a free consultancy session with our team. BBlaw is one of the best litigation law firms providing advocacy in a modern way through old advocacy.