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How To Find A High Volume Transaction Law Firm In NYC?

You can find a high volume transaction law firm in NYC by exploring some lawyer directories. We recommend using us for high volume transactions since BBLawPLLC has a proven track record for handling high-volume commercial litigation. We wrote this post so that you have an idea of good, trusted lawyer directories to find the best [...]

High Volume Transaction Law Firm In NYC

Finding a high volume transaction Law Firm In NYC might be a challenge. It's not just because of their exceptional experience, but the ability to handle million dollars cases efficiently also matters. In this article, we are going to tell you what it means to be a High Volume Transaction Law Firm, how we do [...]

What Services Can An Alternative Financial Law Firm Offer?

Adjacent to the legal matters undertaken by law firms, the alternative financial law firm has also seen tremendous growth. Law firms are helping businesses with the right alternative financial services. These services help businesses to meet their growing financial needs and improve their productivity in the best possible way. Moreover, law firms also provide easier [...]

The Purpose Of A Secured Transactions Law Firm

Loan transactions generally range from lines of credit to simple term loans, multi-tiered lending transactions to complex term loans. Some loan transactions include multiple collaterals or credit accommodations. For situations like these, you may be best off using a secured transactions law firm. Currently, sales of businesses and goods have been made using credit terms, [...]

The Importance Of Using A Transaction Law Firm

"A transaction law firm is a kind of law firm specializing in transactional law, as the name implies". A transaction law firm is concerned with business transactions and typically work with business clients, overseeing business transactions. A legal transaction is a broad term for transactions between parties in the corporate, finance, real estate, and business [...]

Is Merchant Cash Advance Legal In California?     

You may have come across merchant cash advances as a source of funding in case your company has ever required extra cash to function in the short term or expand. While contemplating this option, you may have wondered what the difference is between alternative financing and regular loans or whether it has the same impact [...]

Most Famous Alternative Finance Lawsuits

Cash is still a hard commodity for businesses looking to grow or recover from losses. Alternative finance options have proven to be a go-to savior for these businesses. Now, alternative finance options are any money lending finance that does not come from the normal banks or financing institutions. But with the law having a tough [...]

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The Best New York Law Firm For Alternative Finance Transactions

At Berkovitch & Bouskila, PLLC, we understand that alternative finance transactions operate within a different regulatory environment. They often not only have more focused product offerings, and the companies dealing with them likely face strategic and legal considerations that are unique to their business model. Payday lenders, auto title lenders, check cashing services, deposit advance [...]

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Legal Guidelines For An Alternative Financial Transaction

Fintechs and other nonbanks are required to provide consumer-style disclosures when offering to extend the financing for small businesses in NY. The regulations of an alternative financial transaction can become tricky to navigate without proper legal guidance. For other more lucrative financial products offered outside the traditional banking systems, an alternative financial transaction such as [...]

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Why Your MCA Business Needs Legal Advice

Any business can benefit from MCA, but your MCA business benefits from legal advice more than you would expect. Read on or give us a call today at BBLaw and see how we can help your counsel your MCA business. Merchant cash advances are short-term loans with quick funding non-astringent eligibility requirements with no collateral [...]

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