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What Are Alternative Financial Transactions? 

Alternative financial services: AFS applies technology to improve economic activities and offer alternative modes of transactions. AFS’s are forms of finance outside the institutional finance system of capital markets and banks. These alternative financial transactions and methods help improve traditional finance methods like consumer banking, regulation management, payments and invoicing, insurance, etc. AFS’s takes the [...]

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Do I Need A Lawyer For A Secured Transaction?

A secured transaction ensues when an individual or business borrows money to buy real estate, automobiles, or commercial equipment. A security interest is created as soon as a borrower signs a contract allowing the lender, or secured party, to seize assets the borrower possesses if the borrower defaults on the loan. The terms "security interest" [...]

Judgment Enforcement In New York City

Once the monetary damages are imposed in a case, the plaintiff receives a "judgment." The following step, known as enforcing the judgment, is actually collecting the money, which isn't always smooth and uncomplicated. Judgment enforcement in New York City has it's own complications. The plaintiff who "got a million dollars in judgment" is well-known. Courts, [...]

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