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What Is A Collection Law Firm? 

A collection law firm is an ethical team that helps you handle customers who don't pay their bills. You need the law firm because sometimes things don't go as smoothly as expected. When confronted with such circumstances, you have a few options on how to proceed. Sending a letter asking for payment, enlisting the help [...]

The Premier Debt Collection Law Firm In NYC

Are you looking for the best debt collection law firm in NYC? Look no further! Our legal team knows how frustrating it is to see unpaid invoices by your client. In fact, as of July 1, 2021, the New York city's outstanding debt was $79.65 billion, leaving it with a net borrowing capacity of $47.70 billion. [...]

What Is A Debt Collection Attorney?

A debt collection attorney is a lawyer that may help you design legal tactics for collecting debts from nonpaying customers. If your case gets to trial, they'll often represent you in court and complete and file necessary documents on your behalf. Debt collection lawyers choose to represent creditors rather than debtors. Efficient and cost-effective debt [...]

Why Your Company Needs General Legal Counsel

Almost every element of running a small business involves legal knowledge, from obtaining an EIN to everyday business negotiations. Your company needs general legal counsel. Even minor business errors can have disastrous consequences for companies, yet some small companies cannot afford a Corporate Counsel. Instead, many business owners seek low-cost legal services and self-help resources [...]

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The Purpose Of A Secured Transactions Law Firm

Loan transactions generally range from lines of credit to simple term loans, multi-tiered lending transactions to complex term loans. Some loan transactions include multiple collaterals or credit accommodations. For situations like these, you may be best off using a secured transactions law firm. Currently, sales of businesses and goods have been made using credit terms, [...]

Tips For A Collections Law Firm In NYC

When you are due money, it may appear challenging to receive the whole amount that is legitimately yours. Furthermore, it may appear not very easy to secure your money promptly. Efforts to recover the debt are frequently futile, with certain situations necessitating extra examinations of the borrower. So what are some tips for a collections [...]

New Debt Collection Laws – Updated 2022

Since November 30, 2021, new provisions to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) have been enacted, offering more assistance to persons enduring debt collection harassment. Living with debt is stressful enough, and the reasons for it are considerably more intricate than many debt collectors would want to admit. New debt collection laws in 2021 [...]

What is Collections Law?

Failing to pay a debt on time, as agreed, is a breach of contractual obligations. Business owners and service providers seeking payment of owed money or persons on the receiving end of harassing or inappropriate debt collection efforts will encounter legal issues relating to debt collection. So what is collections law? And how can a [...]

Does My Company Need Business Legal Counseling?

Some individuals starting their businesses believe that they may save money by not hiring a company attorney or law firm. It can be a bad idea to start ignoring the importance of business legal counseling. If something unexpected happens you may be pushed into a scenario that demands legal expertise, it'll hurry you into hiring [...]

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Judgment Enforcement In New York City

Once the monetary damages are imposed in a case, the plaintiff receives a "judgment." The following step, known as enforcing the judgment, is actually collecting the money, which isn't always smooth and uncomplicated. Judgment enforcement in New York City has it's own complications. The plaintiff who "got a million dollars in judgment" is well-known. Courts, [...]

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