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What Is Debt Collection Law?

Creditors' rights, consumer protection, credit reporting, and collection practices are addressed by laws of creditor rights, consumer protection, and consumer debt recovery. Using credit cards, taking out a personal loan, or making mortgage payments puts you in "debtors." Credit card debt, vehicle loans, school loans, and mortgage loans are the most frequent forms of debt. [...]

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The Premier Debt Collection Law Firm In New York City

It is always overwhelming to be owed an outstanding debt. In this situation, finding the right debt collection law firm in New York City can also be very difficult for lenders, businesses, and sometimes individuals. However, hiring BBLAW, PLLC - the premier debt collection law firm in New York City can save you if you [...]

Important Debt Collection Laws In New York State

In New York, federal FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) and state laws regulate debt collection activities. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act applies to everyone throughout the country to protect consumers from deceptive and unfair debt collection. When looking to claim unpaid debt, it is important to understand debt collection laws in New York state. [...]

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The Importance Of Using A Transaction Law Firm

"A transaction law firm is a kind of law firm specializing in transactional law, as the name implies". A transaction law firm is concerned with business transactions and typically work with business clients, overseeing business transactions. A legal transaction is a broad term for transactions between parties in the corporate, finance, real estate, and business [...]

5 Biggest Collection Lawsuits Ever In NYC

Before getting straight into the main topic, we should know what a lawsuit is, "A lawsuit is a civil court of law process initiated by one or more parties against another". Only a few statutes are still operating that use the old term "suit in law." The term "lawsuit" refers to the civil action in [...]

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Tips For A Collections Law Firm In NYC

When you are due money, it may appear challenging to receive the whole amount that is legitimately yours. Furthermore, it may appear not very easy to secure your money promptly. Efforts to recover the debt are frequently futile, with certain situations necessitating extra examinations of the borrower. So what are some tips for a collections [...]

What Is Transactional Law?

Transactional attorneys advise people and businesses on legal difficulties arising from their commercial dealings. Many who work in transactional law like this sort of employment because it is less combative than litigation. One of the most crucial things for company owners to understand is transactional law. But what exactly is transactional law, and how does [...]

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5 Important Things To Understand About Collection Laws

If a debtor does not pay back a secured loan, the creditor has the right to take the property away from the debtor and retain it under state law and the loan contract (or sell it to satisfy the debt). But in real-life practice, it is NOT that simple! There are 5 important things anyone [...]

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New Debt Collection Laws – Updated 2022

Since November 30, 2021, new provisions to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) have been enacted, offering more assistance to persons enduring debt collection harassment. Living with debt is stressful enough, and the reasons for it are considerably more intricate than many debt collectors would want to admit. New debt collection laws in 2021 [...]

What is Collections Law?

Failing to pay a debt on time, as agreed, is a breach of contractual obligations. Business owners and service providers seeking payment of owed money or persons on the receiving end of harassing or inappropriate debt collection efforts will encounter legal issues relating to debt collection. So what is collections law? And how can a [...]

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