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What Are Alternative Financial Transactions? 

Alternative financial services: AFS applies technology to improve economic activities and offer alternative modes of transactions. AFS’s are forms of finance outside the institutional finance system of capital markets and banks. These alternative financial transactions and methods help improve traditional finance methods like consumer banking, regulation management, payments and invoicing, insurance, etc. AFS’s takes the [...]

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Does My Company Need Business Legal Counseling?

Some individuals starting their businesses believe that they may save money by not hiring a company attorney or law firm. It can be a bad idea to start ignoring the importance of business legal counseling. If something unexpected happens you may be pushed into a scenario that demands legal expertise, it'll hurry you into hiring [...]

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Commercial Litigation in Rockland County, New York

Commercial Litigation in Rockland County, New York Commercial Litigation, especially in Rockland County, is daunting if not a risky situation to venture into, especially when you lack the proper resources. Winning is your goal, so you have to be confident in the attorney representing your commercial litigation cases. Therefore, you are advised to understand what [...]

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Judgment Enforcement – How Much Do The Courts Have to Help You?

When monetary damages are awarded in a lawsuit, the plaintiff gets a “judgment.”  The next step is actually collecting the money – which is not always easy – and is known as enforcing the judgment - or judgment enforcement. As many creditors have discovered, obtaining a judgment against a delinquent debtor rarely results in the [...]

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Outcomes Of Defaulting On A Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance involves a contract between you and your provider. If you stop making your payments, it could result in a merchant cash advance breach of contract, and the lender could sue you. The consequences of defaulting on a merchant cash advance agreement can be severe. Small business lenders typically include a provision [...]

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What is a Non-Managing Member in a Commercial Litigation?

Understanding what a non-managing member is can be a bit complex. A member-managed LLC is an LLC in which all the members participate in the decision-making process. Where there is a dispute, the vote of a majority generally rules, while certain extraordinary actions require unanimous consent. However, in a non-member managed LLC, the members do [...]

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What Is Article 9 Of The Uniform Commercial Code?

Why should you care about Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code as a business owner? The answer is simple: whenever you enter into a financing arrangement, equipment lease or any transaction where an obligation is secured by collateral, UCC Article 9 is there in the background to protect you as long as the agreements [...]

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What Is the Uniform Commercial Code?

Ever wondered what harmonizes the laws of sales and other commercial transactions? The uniform commercial code was initiated in 1982 as an effort to create commercial laws that were uniform to everyone. In 1986, the uniform commercial law was enacted in each of the American states with more adjustments following soon afterwards. The major adjustments [...]

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What Is a Managing Member in Commercial Litigation?

Commercial litigation can be a very expensive process for most businesses in terms of distraction and potentially derailing the main purpose of the business. The majority of businesses expect commercial disputes to be solved efficiently and quickly, while maintaining the core business objectives at the front. In this post we look at the definition of [...]

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What Is Commercial Litigation?

Disputes are inescapable once you are in the process of conducting business. Conflicts can stem from various sources, including competitors, regulatory authorities, distributors, lenders, or customers. Commercial (or business) litigation, as an area characterized by its participants, encompasses a wide range of legal proceedings and conflicts. It typically occurs when one party seeks to enforce, [...]

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