Commercial Litigation in Rockland County, New York

Commercial Litigation, especially in Rockland County, is daunting if not a risky situation to venture into, especially when you lack the proper resources. Winning is your goal, so you have to be confident in the attorney representing your commercial litigation cases. Therefore, you are advised to understand what commercial Litigation entails, the risks involved, and how to prepare yourself better.

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Commercial Litigation

You might prefer quiet, smooth operations when taking care of business, but this is often not the case. You might find yourself disputing with your workers, suppliers, or business partners. At this time, the best thing to do is know your legal rights. Extension knowledge on commercial Litigation comes in handy.

Commercial Litigation, also referred to as business litigation, encompasses an area of law that focuses on disputes arising in the business context. These cases can stem from breaches to class actions to shareholder litigation to business torts, etc.

Commercial litigation lawsuits occur between business entities and do not involve any criminal charges. Commercial Litigation will only happen if two or more parties are a business entity like a corporation or partnership.

However, they form civil Litigation whenever two parties dispute a non-criminal lawsuit. In a civil litigation case, the plaintiff sues the other party to defend or enforce a legal right to seek money, damages compensation, or other action. Hence, think of commercial Litigation as a subset of civil Litigation.

Civil and Commercial Litigation In Rockland County

Most commercial litigation cases might fall under civil Litigation due to the claims between the parties involved: individuals or businesses. However, there is the possibility of a patient falling into civil Litigation once wrongdoing occurs.

Commercial and civil litigation share numerous similarities, with the distinguishing factor being the parties involved. Below are some examples of commercial litigation cases:

Breach of contract

A party aggrieved in terms of broken promises in a binding contract has a right to file a claim.

Securities litigation

Parties involved in the securities litigation can file for claim when they have disputes arising with the security issuer; and if the argument needs the attention of the law.

IP litigation

The aggrieved party has a right to an attorney to represent the case during intellectual property infringement. IP property may include patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.

Antitrust Litigation

Antitrust litigations may be civil, criminal (or both) in nature. This type of lawsuit encompasses allegations made to businesses’ practices that act not in compliance with the competition’s regulations.

Regulation issues

Regulation lawsuits might be both criminal or civil sanctions when a company fails to follow the industry’s regulations they operate in.

Corporate and Commercial Litigation

These cases involve an individual suing a business entity or vice versa.

Consumer class action suits

A class-action suit involves a group of harmed people filing a claim to an individual or business entity who hurt them. For instance, a defective product might cause a consumer class action.

Commercial Litigation and other litigations

The significant difference between commercial Litigation and other types of Litigation is the parties involved. Since business entities are engaged in commercial Litigation lawsuits, they tend to make these cases more complex, specialized, and expensive.

Many commercial litigation cases are filed federally than in state courts. Some of these cases are multi-district or class action lawsuits depending on the type and number of parties involved.

Similarities between commercial Litigation and other litigations:

All the litigations progress in the same fashion. These stages include:

  • Acquire an attorney
  • Conduct factual investigations
  • Research applicable law
  • Send demand letters
  • Engage in settlement negotiations
  • File suit
  • Conduct Discovery
  • Participate in motion
  • Try case before a jury or judge
  • File post-trial motions, etc.

Below are common types of Litigation:

Civil litigation: 

Civil litigation is a broad area of practice involves two or more parties that seek monetary compensation instead of criminal sanctions from a legal dispute.

Commercial Litigation:

A specialized type of civil Litigation that involves two or more business entities.

Patent litigation:

A patent is a form of business or commercial Litigation focusing on two parties where one party has purportedly infringed the other party’s patent or trademark.

Personal injury litigation:

Parties involved in personal injury litigation seek legal remedies for accident causes or similar injuries. Aggravated party or plaintiff sues an individual or a business entity depending on the one causing the accident. Personal injury cases fall under types of civil litigation lawsuits.

Public interest litigation:

In public interest litigation cases, a court initiates a lawsuit to protect a community’s maintenance or well-being. These cases may center on general public health concerns, environmental issues, etc.

The role of commercial litigators 

A commercial litigator is educated, trained, and experienced in litigation cases. These litigation cases are aimed at business-related litigations and businesses. A litigator’s responsibilities and roles depending on the entity represented, individually designated in the subject, or a commercial client.

Below are types of litigation cases that your commercial litigation attorney might handle:

  • Aviation disputes
  • Product liability cases
  • Tax disputes
  • Tortious interference
  • Trade secrets lawsuits
  • Securities litigation
  • Labor cases
  • Shareholder issues
  • Insurance coverage cases
  • Fraud actions, etc.

The above does not cater to an exclusive list of commercial litigation cases.

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