Unfortunately, some debtors will continue to refuse to pay no matter how you deal with them. It may be time to find a collections law firm when this happens. When analyzing the institution in debt to you, it is essential to conduct a detailed examination of all their assets, including a bank account search.

Professional agencies can do debtor research to determine where the debtor’s assets are concealed and how much money they generate. But why stop there? At BBLaw, we can do that research AND continue with legal action.

They can then forward that information to you and the attorney managing the case. If assets are discovered during the bank account inquiry, must take procedures to collect on the earlier judgement.

Once assets have been located, the collection agency and attorney you are dealing with should be able enough to advise you on the best action to be taken to collect.

What To Look For In A Collections Law Firms

While choosing a collections law firm company depends on your requirements according to which you will be choosing debt recovery services.

A typical collection agency can assist if you have past-due accounts and your in-house accounts receivable office is struggling to keep up.

collections law firm

While, if you are dealing with commercial clients who are past due on vast quantities of money over a longer length of time, you may need to narrow your search to agencies with a plethora of high-tech resources.

These organizations provide a wide range of debt collection services. They provide skip tracing, asset recovery, and judgement enforcement services, and they work with collections attorneys. It is critical to remember your demands to receive the most excellent services to meet those needs.

If your firm needs assistance with business-to-business collection concerns, several recommendations can aid you in deciding on a commercial collection agency.

There are hundreds of collecting companies that promote themselves as trustworthy and competent. However, many agencies are unprofessional and are solely concerned with their bottom line, not yours.

You should hunt for two things in a collection company:

Why Choose BBLaw As Your Commercial Collections Law Firm?

BBlaw provides legal services to companies and people in Rockland County and New York State. Entrepreneurs, investors, partnerships, small to midsize businesses, and corporations are among our clientele.

We recognize how hard company owners work to make their ideas a reality, and we are honored to provide the enthusiastic and effective legal services they deserve.

With the modernism of old advocacy, The Law Offices of BBlaw is honored to assist new companies in growing and existing businesses flourishing. When the need arises, we provide expert legal advice and zealous representation. Contact The Law Offices of BBlaw for a consultation if your company requires the services of a professional and skilled law firm.

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We will fight for our client’s rights in and out of court on a legal note.

Even though the Partner’s relationship is competitive, it greatly benefits our clients. We try to emphasize our clients’ interests by constantly challenging one another’s points of view.

Our Goals:

Our objective is to provide competent legal advice to our clients in a timely and efficient manner.

We strive to treat each case with accountability and care as if we were representing ourselves. BBLaw focuses on the legal aspects of our customers’ businesses so that they may focus on their success.

Our vision reflects our core values:

  • Honesty
  • Service
  • Excellence
  • Teamwork.

Our Areas Of Specialization – More Than A Collections Law Firm: 

Litigation Law

In courts all over New York and New Jersey, we handle commercial disputes among partners to multi-million dollar corporate torts. Because of our expertise and experience managing cases at all stages of a dispute, we will be able to assess your position to achieve your aim appropriately.

Despite our small stature, we have never shied away from a battle and will fight for your genuine rights in and out of court. We make every effort to protect your interests with carefully created, customized techniques that keep your goals in mind.

Collections Law

We have constructed a tenacious and cost-effective commercial debt collecting strategy that entails protecting your rights as a secured creditor and processing your rights under all applicable legal laws, including the UCC.

Every attorney in our company has significant expertise in collecting a wide range of commercial debts. We assure them they are well-versed in the numerous legal methods for enforcing your rights.

Berkovitch & Bouskila’s attorneys adapt their strategy to assist business clients in maximizing their financial recovery prospects. Every customer is distinct, with various goals and concerns.

Secure Transactions

We counsel secured creditors on the formation, perfection, and maintenance of their security interests (as well as the priority of such security interests) in all types of collateral, including equipment, inventory, accounts receivable, investment property, instruments, and intangible property, and fixtures.

Business-to-consumer (B2C):

Business-to-consumer (B2C) connections are usually transactional, like grocery purchasing or recurring, such as utility payments. Payments are made at the transaction time, or the consumer chooses to pay in instalments.

When a customer does not make a payment on the transaction or recurring agreement, the company has the option of terminating the agreement, reclaiming the property, evicting a renter, or hiring a consumer collections agency.


Debt collection is essentially a game of cat and mouse. In the beginning, the credit grantor makes some courteous phone calls, generally with the debtor’s promise that they would pay payment quickly.

It’s unusual for it to be this simple. Debt collection, much to the chagrin of many company owners, is a full-time job in and of itself. Unfortunately, many businesses are struggling to keep up with collecting on past-due customers. Contracting with a national collecting agency becomes necessary at that point.

Our staff knows the complexities of effective commercial debt collection and are known as the best commercial collections law firm in NYC.

Even though a corporation owns the debt, there is always a human on the other end of the phone. Treating customers with decency and respect is the most effective method to improve your recovery rate and protect your company’s image for commercial debt collection.

We are open to book a free consultation with our staff. BBlaw is one of the most significant litigation law companies in the country, delivering advocacy in a modern style via traditional advocacy.