You can find a high volume transaction law firm in NYC by exploring some lawyer directories. We recommend using us for high volume transactions since BBLawPLLC has a proven track record for handling high-volume commercial litigation.

We wrote this post so that you have an idea of good, trusted lawyer directories to find the best High Volume Transaction Law Firm in NYC.

What is the Lawyer or Law Firm Directory?

Attorney and law firm listings are the purpose of a lawyer directory. With the use of attorney directories, prospective clients may locate your practice more efficiently. SEO (search engine optimization), online reviews, and lead generation are also ways lawyers can market themselves.

Lawyer directories are like simple internet phone books. So, what lawyer directories do we recommend for consumers?

10 Best High Volume Transaction Law Firm Directories Looking For A Transaction Law Firm In NYC


In addition to a legal directory and marketing services, Avvo is one of the most popular websites in the legal business. However, the platform’s lawyer reviews are what set it apart. Your Avvo profile’s rating is a powerful marketing tool that may help you get new customers even before they get in touch with you.


Those looking for free legal information on the internet may turn to the Nolo. Nolo is a network of legal content and legal practice area website. Over 100,000 of the site’s millions of monthly users ask to talk with an attorney, which may be more significant.

Nolo also lets you post articles about your company’s profile. This helps to improve your company’s reputation, online authority, and search engine ranking.


Finding a lawyer is now easier than ever with the FindLaw network of websites. These websites provide lawyer directories, online legal Q&A forums, free legal manuals, and articles on a variety of legal topics.

It is also possible for attorneys to write on legal issues via the Legal Blogs network of FindLaw. Because of this information, more people will visit your company’s website and you’ll get new clients. has more than 1 million profiles of lawyers and law firms, making it an excellent source of free legal information, including articles and blogs. Clients will be able to easily recall and search for the company’s name thanks to its familiarity.

Using’s search tool and user evaluations, users can easily identify and contact the right lawyer for their situation.

Despite its similar name, is an entirely different lawyer directory. Legal markets across the globe are served by, which has a broad range of facilities to help professionals interact with prospective customers.

Included in this list are a directory, a no-cost Q&A section, free legal materials, and a legal strategy.


The fundamental business of LegalZoom is self-service legal document preparation and filing. The Legal Plan Attorney Network, a for-profit membership service, provides users with direct access to attorneys.

Through this network of lawyers, customers may request consultations and more complicated services from lawyers. The LegalZoom Local Attorney Directory is another way for professionals to suggest an attorney to potential clients who need legal help in their area.


Justia is mostly known as a source of legal knowledge, but it also has free profiles for licensed attorneys. With over 10 million monthly visitors, Justia is the most popular legal website in the United States.

In addition to being on the Legal Information Institute (Cornell) website, claiming a Justia lawyer profile will make you easier for people searching the internet to find.

Searching for a lawyer has never been easier thanks to’s high authority and also more than 1,200,000 unique monthly visitors.’s more than 260 practice area categories allow attorneys to create a tailored profile in order to attract a particular target customer base.

As a rating service for attorneys, Super Lawyers is a unique form of lawyer directory. The lawyers on the Super Lawyers list have been hand-selected after a rigorous evaluation process.

If your name is on the Super Lawyers list, potential clients will think of you as a top-notch lawyer who has had a lot of success. Very useful when looking for a transaction law firm in NYC.

A legal directory profile on will help you get the most exposure. A professional Martindale-Hubbell profile provides your company visibility to the site’s enormous network of over 15 million monthly visitors.

Why Bblawpplc Is The Best At High Volume Transaction Law

BBLawPLLC has the ability to give innovative and strategic solutions to its customers in a timely manner. Throughout the country, our attorneys have been recognized for their expertise in a wide range of complex and high-stakes commercial litigation cases.

Our attorneys have considerable experience in state, federal, and private courtrooms throughout the United States and have handled national-level litigation. There are experienced litigators, trial attorneys, and appellate advocates on our team.

When we work with corporate representatives, in-house attorneys, and members of the firm’s other practice areas. We are able to provide a more efficient and cost-effective service to our clients.

We have served:

  • Local, regional, national business
  • Private individuals,
  • Fortune 500 corporations and other publicly or privately held corporations
  • Governmental agencies,
  • Healthcare providers
  • Accounting firms

Commercial Litigation – Transaction Law Firm In NYC

We take a unique approach to business disputes and litigation compared to other law firms. In light of our firm’s history, which is rooted in commercial debt collection, we use many of the same methods and strategies we’ve learned in this area in our ordinary commercial dispute and litigation work.

Our team focuses on pre-litigation conflict resolution. A formal alternative dispute resolution structure, such as mediation or arbitration, may be necessary if informal conversations fail to reach an agreement.

If a client can’t solve a problem without going to court, we are ready and able to help them through the Small Claims Court and Superior Court litigation processes, all the way to enforcement, if that is what is needed.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

When it comes to alternative commercial conflict resolution, we are here to help. We offer services like:

  • Summary jury trials,
  • “Baseball” agreements,
  • High-low agreements,
  • Employment dispute resolution,
  • Arbitration,
  • Binding and nonbinding arbitration,
  • Facilitated negotiation,
  • Early neutral evaluation,
  • Structured mediation,
  • and Confidential listener services

Client training seminars on a wide range of ADR issues have been developed and executed by our attorneys. Both pre-dispute and post-dispute arbitration provisions and procedures, as well as ADR programs, may be drafted by our firm.

Commercial Arbitration

Having a knowledgeable attorney at your side is essential in arbitration cases. Our attorneys are well-versed in the arbitration procedure, are acquainted with the arbitrators, and have arbitrated scores of cases all the way to a final judgment.

It is our job to recognize the difference between arbitrators and litigators, and we do it with our clients’ interests in mind.

Our attorneys have handled international and local business disputes as well as insurance and reinsurance cases, particularly those using the onlineform. Once the arbitration is over, we’ll see it through to the end if the Federal Arbitration Act to confirm or vacate.

We do not only arbitrate business conflicts, we also help customers create arbitration terms in their contracts.

Some concerns that may come up throughout the process may be mitigated or prevented by incorporating provisions in the arbitration clause itself. We have vast expertise in arbitration.

Comprehensive Debt Collection Services

The commercial and consumer debt collection services offered by BBLawPLLC are unmatched in the industry. We have greater power to recover debts than collection agencies since we are a legal firm and can sue when required.

We generally work on a project-by-project basis to provide this service. We can handle both commercial and consumer debt collection concerns.

We look closely at each client’s accounts receivable portfolio to come up with the best plan for collecting debts and getting money back for each case.

We then put that plan into action in order to collect as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. We operate only on the basis of chance. Unless we collect, you won’t pay.

However, we are always prepared to go to court if the need arises. If possible, we’ll proceed with the case only on the basis of contingent liability. For court costs and other out-of-pocket expenses, we normally ask for a retainer.

A client’s desire to sue their debtor even after we advise against it may be accommodated at a competitive hourly cost if we accept the case.

If necessary, we’ll do what needs to be done to enforce the judgment and take the assets.

Internal Audits And Compliance Investigations

Additionally, our attorneys have assisted public and privately owned companies in undertaking investigations into claims of internal fraud, malfeasance, and embezzlement. So, we’ve worked closely with our business customers to make sure they follow high standards of business ethics.

Corporate customers seek our legal guidance on how to implement and enhance internal compliance procedures.

When it comes to protecting company secrets, preserving records, and cultivating a corporate culture, we advise our customers on the best ways to accomplish all three of those things.

How Does It Work for Me?

  1. Get in touch with BBLawPLLC Group and talk to an attorney about your case. We will set you up with a Service Agreement and an electronic account that gives you direct access to our Client Access Portal.
  2. As a defendant in a legal issue, we need all the information we can get our hands on in order to make an educated decision about how best to proceed.
  3. At the beginning, we will negotiate with our customer how the file will be billed, including any need for a retainer.
  4. In many cases, BBLawPLLC Group works on a contingency basis and accepts contingency pricing. Contingency billing doesn’t work for every dispute, though, especially when the dispute is complicated or has more than one goal, or when it’s a defense case.
  5. In order to save money, time, and stress, we’ll try to settle things out of court wherever possible. 5.
  6. We will try to solve the problem and end the dispute before it gets worse for both the plaintiffs and the defendants, no matter which side you are on.
  7. A formal method of alternative dispute resolution, such as agreed-upon mediation or arbitration, may be used if it is possible.
  8. Before initiating a lawsuit against an opponent, we may be able to seek some enforcement options. GSA enforcement or the filing of a lien are common examples of such occurrences. The specifics of the case will determine whether or not we can recommend such a course of action to our client.
  9. If we can’t come to a deal with an opponent during the pre-litigation stage, we might file a lawsuit.
  10. A litigation case may be necessary if an adversary refuses to cooperate with us in resolving a pre-litigation situation as stated in paragraph 10.
  11. In the event that we are representing a plaintiff, we have the ability and competence to file a lawsuit and litigate the issue through judgment and enforcement.
  12. The danger and exposure to our clients is minimized when we represent a defendant and defend them against a lawsuit or claim.
  13. We will keep giving our clients advice on how to handle the situation and whether they should keep going to court or try to reach a settlement or resolution with their opponent.
  14. When a judgment is obtained in a case, we proceed to enforce that decision.
  15. We will perform judgment debtor exams, garnishee bank accounts, and secure writs of seizure and sale for the judgment debtor’s property.

What Now?

To contact us, please use the form on this page, or give us a call at the number shown there. We’ll get you set up promptly so that you may submit your case for evaluation and we can work for you.

Typically, the longer you respond the conflict, the more difficult it will become at the court. Contact us today to before everything else get worse at your side.