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The Premier Debt Collection Law Firm In New York City

It is always overwhelming to be owed an outstanding debt. In this situation, finding the right debt collection law firm in New York City can also be very difficult for lenders, businesses, and sometimes individuals. However, hiring BBLAW, PLLC - the premier debt collection law firm in New York City can save you if you [...]

The Importance Of Using A Transaction Law Firm

"A transaction law firm is a kind of law firm specializing in transactional law, as the name implies". A transaction law firm is concerned with business transactions and typically work with business clients, overseeing business transactions. A legal transaction is a broad term for transactions between parties in the corporate, finance, real estate, and business [...]

Tips For A Collections Law Firm In NYC

When you are due money, it may appear challenging to receive the whole amount that is legitimately yours. Furthermore, it may appear not very easy to secure your money promptly. Efforts to recover the debt are frequently futile, with certain situations necessitating extra examinations of the borrower. So what are some tips for a collections [...]

What is Collections Law?

Failing to pay a debt on time, as agreed, is a breach of contractual obligations. Business owners and service providers seeking payment of owed money or persons on the receiving end of harassing or inappropriate debt collection efforts will encounter legal issues relating to debt collection. So what is collections law? And how can a [...]

5 Things To Know About The Commercial Collections Process

In a case, when the agreed-upon products and goods are supplied to another company, commercial debt collection starts. The customer or borrower owes money for the fulfillment of the arrangement, according to a written contractual arrangement. The commercial collections process isn't always complicated. But certain factors of course can change that. A statement is prepared, [...]

Commercial Litigation In Brooklyn, New York

Any business requires the services of a Commercial Litigation Attorney. Attorneys are vital members of the business who can assist you in a variety of ways. Allow a commercial litigation attorney to handle legal matters so that you don't have to. Do not wait until you are sued to find out how an attorney working [...]

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How Many Litigation Law Firms Are In New York City?

Exactly how many litigation law firms are in New York City.  Litigation Lawyers and Solicitors, sometimes known as Litigators, specialize in resolving disputes between individuals and businesses and are in charge of representing claimants or defendants before, during, and after court sessions. While litigation generally refers to cases that go to trial, the phrase is [...]

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When Should A Company Pursue Commercial Litigation?

Most companies make a significant decision when deciding whether to go to court to resolve a disagreement. There are several alternatives for resolving legal disputes, such as mediation or arbitration, and litigation is often the most active and risky choice. Especially commercial litigation. However, it may be the only way to get your desired conclusion [...]

Is Merchant Cash Advance Legal In California?     

You may have come across merchant cash advances as a source of funding in case your company has ever required extra cash to function in the short term or expand. While contemplating this option, you may have wondered what the difference is between alternative financing and regular loans or whether it has the same impact [...]

7 Tips For A Young Attorney In New York 

You've completed law school, got a job offer, and are now eager to begin your career in law. While, from here, it may appear that everything is coming out as planned- you still have a long way to go and a lot to learn. The exhilaration of starting your maiden associate position as a young [...]

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