A debt collection attorney in NYC can recover your customer’s outstanding debts since they are working under the law. Instead of sending out threats or frightening letters, we don’t have to engage in yelling matches with our customers.

We’re going to court! We take our clients’ debtors to court as long as we can. To our advantage, we have the law at our disposal.

For unpaid debt, debt collectors in New York City use the following tactics:

Strategy #1: All-Bite-No-Bark Approach

The majority of collection agencies are all bark and no bite. In the end, agencies must engage attorneys or paralegals to pursue a claim in court after exhausting their bogus threats and ever-increasing discounts.

Any debt collection agency that makes a statement of defense, no matter how flimsy, will likely result in their giving up. BBLawPLLC isn’t playing games! Debtors who can pay but refuse to do so freely are the focus of our expertise, professionalism, and success.

Recovery per file is often overlooked by collection agencies in favor of recovery per hour worked by collectors. If you don’t know enough about a debtor, you might have to settle for less, even if you could have gotten your money back in full if you went to court.

debt collection attorney in nyc

Law firms do not have to use the shady practices of some of the more notorious debt collection businesses. Do not resort to foul language, abusive phone calls, or bogus threats to get your point through.

Because many collection agencies don’t follow through on their threats, debtors are getting more educated about how to avoid being harassed by them. This is why you need to call a debt collection attorney in NYC.

At we BBLaw we do not bluff; there is “bite” behind the “bark” when we write or call. If a debtor refuses to settle out of fear of being taken to court, we are able to collect all interest and fees from a suit-worthy debtor.

For our client, a full six-month recovery from an uncooperative debtor, plus interest, is more valuable than compromising the claim in the short term in order to get the debtor to make an early reduced payment.

A legitimate debtor complaint has never come our way. Quite the contrary is true. In fact, we’ve received gratitude from debtors who paid off money that collection agencies had failed to get. A credit grantor who wants to keep goodwill and bring back delinquent clients after their financial woes have been handled can greatly benefit from this.

Taking legal action in the course of a traditional collection procedure may take up to two years.

At BBLaw we have a proactive strategy that keeps the value that would have been lost because of the statute of limitations. First, it checks to see if claims are valid, and then it sues all valid files that haven’t been paid.

Strategy #2: Debt Collection Litigation

When every effort has been made to collect, there are situations when a court’s intervention is necessary. It is only after all other options have failed that you should bring the courts into the debt collection process and seek legal action.

One of the most common legal theories used to collect on debt is one based on breach of contract. Providing services, selling products, shipping products, and loaning cash were all examples of one party fulfilling their obligations.

By neglecting to pay, the other party “breached” the contract. It is not always required to have a formal contract to recover.

Debt collection litigation may help you be compensated in New York’s courts. Commercial litigation is another name for the practice of taking on debtors in court.

The best way for BBLAWPLLC to handle the case will depend on how the customer who hasn’t paid responds to the lawsuit. For example, if the customer comes to the table to make a deal or hires lawyers to fight the case, BBLaw PLLC will handle the case differently.

debt collection attorney in nyc

Depending on the facts of the case, the defenses filed for non-payment, the collectability of the claim, and the court’s schedule, each commercial litigation case is handled in a unique manner.

In many cases, we are able to foresee defenses and quickly dismiss them because of our extensive expertise in debt collection. Debt collection litigation in New York is something we are familiar with, so we are prepared for any defense that may be brought.

If we can assist you in feeling confident that your New York debt collection lawsuit matter is being handled correctly and that all of the necessary steps are being taken to get you paid, then we have done our job.

In the event that the matter has to be taken to trial, BBLaw PLLC is here to help. A debt collection attorney in NYC. we have at can help you through the whole process, from preparing and filing the summons and complaint to entering and collecting judgment.

What You Can Expect From BBLAW As A Debt Collection Attorney In NYC

  • We contact you frequently to keep you informed of the status of your case;
  • You are informed of all developments and proceedings in your case because our strategic partner has a financial interest in seeing that you are compensated.
  • We know how to take the case ahead in a professional yet firm way.
  • In order to get you reimbursed, we’ll keep up the pressure on your case.

If you’ve tried all other options and are ready to take the next step in getting paid, please contact us for a consultation to assess the collectability of your case.

We Have Power to Collect The Unpaid Debt

The Collection Agencies Act (as well as equivalent laws in other provinces and at the federal level) explicitly prohibits unpaid debt collection agencies from adding any collection expenses to a debt they are collecting in New York. This prohibition does not apply to reasonable legal expenses.

With this capacity to pursue its clients’ contractual and statutory claims for reimbursement of the costs of pursuing their claims, BBLAWPLLC adds a considerable amount to its recovery for you. Clients’ collection costs have been successfully recovered by us in Ontario’s appellate courts.

Having the option to recoup the expenses is a huge benefit to customers. Rather than relying on an overdue debtor’s voluntary payment, they meticulously research each claim in hopes of recovering as much as possible from them as the expenses of collection.

As with a collection agency, the customer does not pay a charge if there is no recovery. Recovery rates are much greater when we can collect the whole amount owed and most of the collection costs.

Rather than charging our clients on an hourly basis, we invest our legal skills and time depending on the amount of money we can get back from the debtor.

The client pays no costs if we are mistaken about the outcome of a case we suggest going to court on.

We only recommend going to court on cases that we are convinced will be successful. That includes defending bogus counterclaims and appeals.

Because we never offer a cheap settlement when a client has the means to pay in full and because we never close a case without performing skip-and asset-tracing, we recover more money than our competitors.

We Are Positively Aggressive And Persistent

We don’t have to threten the debtors negatively since we are a NYC collection attorney and collections law business. Many times, we are able to reach an agreeable resolution with the debtor as a direct consequence of our legal demand letters.

That’s because debtors are more receptive to letters from collection lawyers.

Debtors who refuse to pay their outstanding balances face legal action from the debt collectors. Our company is different from most collection agencies because we can file a lawsuit and get a judgment. Most collection agencies can’t do this.

Our judgments may be enforced by means of garnishment of debtors’ earnings and bank accounts, as well as levying (seizure) of assets, in addition to the right to launch a lawsuit.

How aggressively we go after our customers’ debts depends on what they tell us, but as skilled collection attorneys, we can change our approach to suit.

We Get Paid When You Succesfully Collect The Debt

Using sophisticated skip-tracing methods and specialized collection tools, our collection law business has been able to rapidly track down debtors and their assets.

We only get paid when we collect for you, which is usually what we’re paid on.

We take great care in informing our clients on the progress of their cases. They are always available to keep you up to date on how your legal collection case is going.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need Help With A Commercial Collections Matter?

Fortunately, you’ve landed in the correct spot. Debt collectors may assist you if you’re trying to collect debts from people or businesses owing money to you (e.g., small businesses and professional service providers).

Other techniques of collecting unpaid debt, enforcing liens and reclaiming insolvent debtors’ property (repossession) have not worked for you? Turn to a local collections lawyer on BBLaw PLLC.

How Do I Choose A Collection Lawyer?

  • Experience: It is important to consider the lawyer’s credentials, such as the length of time they have been practicing. Is the lawyer experienced in cases like yours?
  • Cost: Is the attorney’s fee based on an hourly rate or a fixed rate? Can your lawyer give you an idea of how much your case will cost?
  • Location: Is the law firm’s office in a close part of the town?

To Make A Good Decision About Hiring A Lawyer, What Questions Should I Ask Them?

There are many people in NYC who need a collection lawyer. You may not be familiar with lawyers, and you may need a little guidance to get started. Before selecting a lawyer, you may wish to ask them the following questions.

  • What is your primary field of expertise?
  • How long you’ve been handling situations like mine in the state of New York?
  • How many of your cases go to trial, and how many do you prefer to settle out of court?
  • Is it possible for me to use arbitration or mediation to resolve my dispute?
  • Do you provide a no-obligation meeting?
  • How much are your fees and costs?
  • Will you be the primary attorney in my case?
  • In what way will I get updated of my case progress?

What Should I Know Before Hiring A Debt Collection Attorney In NYC?

A New York bar exam and admission to the State Bar of New York are both prerequisites for lawyers seeking to practice law in the Golden State. If you want to become a lawyer in New York, you need to have graduated from an approved law school.

However, some lawyers get in by passing an extra legal test after working in the field for at least four years. Following admission to practice in New York, a lawyer may practice on almost any subject of law.

The Rules of Professional Conduct govern the conduct of attorneys in New York. As an attorney, you may be bound by the following obligations and limitations:

  • The obligation to keep client information confidential;
  • The duty to advocate for your client

A lot of individuals avoid going to a lawyer because they are afraid it will cost too much. When a lawyer is involved, the client is often able to save money.

You’ll avoid future financial difficulties and litigation by obtaining a larger judgment, collecting greater damages, and avoiding future conflicts. In certain cases, the lawyer may even be able to recoup his or her own expenses from the person that is to blame.

Final Thoughts

Debtors are more attentive and responsive to correspondence from lawyers.

Why? For this reason, not only do we have the legal capacity to sue and win a judgment on your behalf, but we also posses legal authority to deliver our judgments via a range of legal remedies.

A collection law firm’s benefit is obvious. Think before you act! Make a wise decision. You will need BBLaw PLLC if you want to recover the debt fast